[Battlemesh] Crowdfunding campaign for the production of a documentary about wireless mesh networks in Greece

George Klissiaris gklis at sarantaporo.gr
Tue Nov 24 09:58:44 CET 2015

Dear all,

I would like to draw again your attention to our crowdfunding campaign at
goteo.org crowdfunding platform about the production of a documentary about
mesh and community networks in Sarantaporo area in Greece, which needs some
considerable contributions the next *three days* to reach its goal.

Also have a read to this blog post from Vasilis Kostakis, member of P2P
Foundation, about crowdfunding campaigns:

George Klissiaris

2015-10-30 23:07 GMT+02:00 George Klissiaris <gklis at sarantaporo.gr>:

> *«Building Communities of Commons in Greece»A documentary about
> "Sarantaporo.gr Wireless Community Network" in Greece*
> On October 16th 2015, the Personal Cinema group
> <http://www.personalcinema.org>, in cooperation with Sarantaporo.gr Non
> Profit Organization <http://www.sarantaporo.gr>, launched a crowdfunding
> campaign at goteo.org crowdfunding platform
> <https://goteo.org/project/building-communities-of-commons?lang=en> to
> gather resources for the production of a documentary titled *«Building
> Communities of Commons in Greece - A documentary about mesh and community
> networks in Sarantaporo area in Greece»*.
> The documentary concerns the area of Sarantaporo, a village in Elassona
> Municipality in central Greece, where four years ago a group of people
> initiated the set up of a wireless community network (Sarantaporo.gr
> Community Network), now available in Sarantaporo and 14 more neighbouring
> villages. This infrastructure
> <http://wind.sarantaporo.gr/?page=nodes&session_lang=english> is not only
> about offering remote areas the opportunity of internet access, but it is
> also about creating a model for development, operation and expansion of
> community wireless networks to be replicated in other distant areas.
> Furthermore, it is about building communities aiming at local socioeconomic
> development and collaborative production of common goods (like common
> infrastructures).
> The resources raised by the campaign will allow, not only the completion
> of the documentary, but also its best possible utilization by organizing
> public projections and open discussions to communicate and support the
> project and to raise awareness about wireless community networks and the
> commons - production models based on the principle of peer production and
> social economy.
> You can see a promo trailer video of the documentary here
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5VQR2TVKl8> and a promo video of the
> crowdfunding campaign here <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3bi6CGq7os>.
> (english subtitles are available)
> Your contribution both co-financing and spreading the word about this
> campaign will be essential for the documentary completion and raising
> awareness about community networks and the commons. You can see who has
> already co-finance this project here
> <https://goteo.org/project/building-communities-of-commons/supporters?lang=en>
> .
> *Visit the campaign's web page:*
> https://goteo.org/project/building-communities-of-commons?lang=en
> Thank you in advance!
> George Klissiaris
> Sarantaporo.gr
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