[Battlemesh] Ligowave DLB devices hardware

Jernej Kos jernej at kos.mx
Mon Oct 19 09:38:37 CEST 2015


On 18. 10. 2015 20:54, Daniel Golle wrote:
> How are you figuring out which firmware partition to use (and split
> into kernel + rootfs + rootfs_data) on boot? imho the only way would
> be reading the U-Boot environment, which would need to be implemented
> in the kernel (or hard-coding for one of the two firmware 'banks')

We are using the latter option, so the partition is hardcoded. I agree
that proper autodetection from the bootloader would be much better.

> As device-tree is the new way for firmware to pass-down stuff to the
> kernel, supporting legacy pre-device-tree versions of U-Boot in
> recent kernels will most likely be rejected upstream.

If I understand correctly, this would require the bootloader to actually
properly pass things to the kernel, so explicit support in the existing

> For U-Boot the rules a different, obviously, because it's under GPL.
> Recent versions of U-Boot support device-tree and thus parsing the
> u-boot-env inside the kernel would no longer be needed if the sources
> of the stock bootloader were public.

How would having the bootloader sources help? Would it be possible to
support autodetection without modifying the bootloader that is already
present on the devices?

> Anyway, please share :)

Your patch is much better as you added proper support for all the LEDs,
I didn't have time to look into that. And you also based it on trunk,
which has much cleaner device definition style, while we have it on BB.

Anyway, for reference:



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