[Battlemesh] Crowdfunding campaign for the production of a documentary about wireless mesh networks in Greece

George Klissiaris gklis at sarantaporo.gr
Fri Oct 30 22:07:23 CET 2015

*«Building Communities of Commons in Greece»A documentary about
"Sarantaporo.gr Wireless Community Network" in Greece*

On October 16th 2015, the Personal Cinema group
<http://www.personalcinema.org>, in cooperation with Sarantaporo.gr Non
Profit Organization <http://www.sarantaporo.gr>, launched a crowdfunding
campaign at goteo.org crowdfunding platform
<https://goteo.org/project/building-communities-of-commons?lang=en> to
gather resources for the production of a documentary titled *«Building
Communities of Commons in Greece - A documentary about mesh and community
networks in Sarantaporo area in Greece»*.

The documentary concerns the area of Sarantaporo, a village in Elassona
Municipality in central Greece, where four years ago a group of people
initiated the set up of a wireless community network (Sarantaporo.gr
Community Network), now available in Sarantaporo and 14 more neighbouring
villages. This infrastructure
<http://wind.sarantaporo.gr/?page=nodes&session_lang=english> is not only
about offering remote areas the opportunity of internet access, but it is
also about creating a model for development, operation and expansion of
community wireless networks to be replicated in other distant areas.
Furthermore, it is about building communities aiming at local socioeconomic
development and collaborative production of common goods (like common

The resources raised by the campaign will allow, not only the completion of
the documentary, but also its best possible utilization by organizing
public projections and open discussions to communicate and support the
project and to raise awareness about wireless community networks and the
commons - production models based on the principle of peer production and
social economy.

You can see a promo trailer video of the documentary here
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5VQR2TVKl8> and a promo video of the
crowdfunding campaign here <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3bi6CGq7os>.
(english subtitles are available)

Your contribution both co-financing and spreading the word about this
campaign will be essential for the documentary completion and raising
awareness about community networks and the commons. You can see who has
already co-finance this project here

*Visit the campaign's web page:*

Thank you in advance!

George Klissiaris
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