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Monic Meisel monic at monic.de
Sat Sep 12 15:09:00 CEST 2015

Dear Mitar,

my experience in the last 2-3 years is, that people tell a lot of none true „facts“ about, how communities operate ... people that have just heard from others, but never talked to a member of this community or been an active part since a longer period. To my own knowledge, that was not only within freifunk the case, but also regarding ninux and guifii …

IMHO it is much better, that community members maintain their data themselves, cause they know what is true and are the latest updates :) It is a matter of, how much you can rely on the infos … As we have happily grown, we had also to face more trolls in all kind of shapes. Also it is better not to be too much dependent on third parties …

On top this API offers a lot of fields and a dataset others have used as a basis to build free apps on. We made very good experiences … From my point of view it is also a research tool.

As you know, it is all open to reuse and even contribute to the API.

But as I see, we cannot convince you … that’s a real pity.

All the best, Monic

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