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Nemesis nemesis at ninux.org
Mon Sep 7 18:21:51 CEST 2015

On 09/07/2015 05:40 PM, Matthieu Boutier wrote:
>>>    576dae4739 (Improved graph colors + added missing ones)
>>> >> 
>>> >> but the web page is not changed (graph generation).  So I remove all R command-lines in the page, and put a script in "data" to generate each graphs.  Please, pull it.
>> > 
>> > I don't understand: I see the correct colors on the docs, and I'm pretty
>> > happy with what we have now. But I think I haven't understood what you
>> > wanted to mean :-D
> Well, your patch is entitled "improved graph colors"… so I suspect you was tweeking colors? ;-)
>> > Also, I see only one different commit on your repo:
> Eh, that's because I forget to push! ;-)

Tried merging, there's one problem, when I try to build the
documentation locally I getthese warnings:

./v8/1-the-mesh-of-death-adversity.rst:None: WARNING: image file not
readable: v8/./data/results/001-20150808/2/ping-rtt-ecdf-zoom.svg
./v8/1-the-mesh-of-death-adversity.rst:None: WARNING: image file not
readable: v8/./data/results/001-20150808/2/ping-rtt-normal-babel.svg
./v8/1-the-mesh-of-death-adversity.rst:None: WARNING: image file not
readable: v8/./data/results/001-20150808/3/pingiperf-rtt-ecdf-zoom.svg
./v8/1-the-mesh-of-death-adversity.rst:None: WARNING: image file not
readable: v8/./data/results/001-20150808/3/pingiperf-rtt-normal.svg
./v8/1-the-mesh-of-death-adversity.rst:None: WARNING: image file not
readable: v8/./data/results/001-20150808/3/pingiperf-bitrate-normal.svg

Could you generate the graphs in your repoand commit them, please?
If you also want to get rid of the ones that are not used in the docs go

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