[Battlemesh] FCC Comment deadline is OCTOBER 9

Eric Schultz eschultz at prplfoundation.org
Tue Sep 8 19:50:44 CEST 2015


I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that the deadline is OCTOBER 9
which the FCC announced on August 25 (
https://www.fcc.gov/document/extension-comments-equipment-authorization) .
I know this is super confusing but the FCC is apparently not known for user
friendliness. This is further confused by the FCC's mess of a transition of
their apps over the weekend. I'd send the PDF of the extension but, again,
the FCC screwed up their transition.

I'm sorry this is wildly confusing. I need to work on explaining this


Eric Schultz, Community Manager, prpl Foundation
eschultz at prplfoundation.org
cell: 920-539-0404
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