[Battlemesh] ipv6 prefix delegation in layer 3 mesh networks

Robert Mader robert.mader at fu-berlin.de
Tue Apr 5 14:09:21 CEST 2016

Hej Henning,

thanks for the answer, but it's still a little bit unclear for me.

The gateways are homenet nodes, as node0 is. They're somehow connected
through a babel or olsr network (all of which have to speak hncp I guess?).

Node0 pushes prefixes to node1 and node2 via dhcp.

My main question is how I can configure gateway 0 and 1 to export the
prefixes, and node0 to obtain them.
I'm sorry, I just couldn't yet find any complete documentation yet, but
your example and this:

If there's any docu where all of this is explained, I would be grateful
if you can give me a hint :)

Best regards,

On 05.04.2016 13:18, Henning Rogge wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 12:47 PM, Robert Mader <robert.mader at fu-berlin.de> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> this is a email in reply on the following thread:
>> http://ml.ninux.org/pipermail/battlemesh/2016-February/004362.html
>> I would like to set up a small testing network to test HNCP within a
>> mesh network.
>> Henning posted this small example how to set it up:
>> http://www.pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr/~jch/software/homenet/
>> My network looks like this (if it's displayed wrong for you, here's a
>> picture http://picpaste.com/network-itXxrTsw.png):
>>         internet        internet
>>           |                |
>>         gateway0        gateway1
>>                 \       /
>>                 --node0--
>>                 /       \
>>         --node1--       -node2-
>> gateway0 has the prefix 2000:1::/56, gateway1 2000:2::/56
>> My question is now:
>> - how do I configure the gateways to delegate a subprefixes to node0
>> (using hnet)?
> I think there are "two ways"...
> easiest way is if gateway0/1 are homenet nodes on their own... they
> just "export" the locally known prefix.
> the other way which Homenet describes is DHCPv6 with prefix
> delegation. It is meant for providers to push a prefix to the "client
> router"... and the Homenet agent could export it.
>> node0 should in turn delegate ip-addresses to the non-hnet
>> speaking nodes 1 and 2
> normally HNCP uses DHCP(v6) and/or router advertisement to push
> prefixes to non-Homenet devices (e.g. locally attached ethernet).
>> - is it possible to use hnet with olsr2 atm?
> I would guess it is possible (olsrd2 can export routing table entries
> based on protocol or interface, which is the same mechanism Babel
> uses), but most likely the current configuration would have to be
> changed.
> Henning
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