[Battlemesh] ipv6 prefix delegation in layer 3 mesh networks

Robert Mader robert.mader at fu-berlin.de
Tue Apr 5 18:56:55 CEST 2016

Yeah I assumed this. My question is actually how to configure it like
this in openwrt. I can't find any wiki where it is explained which exact
options I have to write into the config.

> Both gateway 1 and gateway 2 announce the IPv4/IPv6 prefix of their
> uplink as "available" to HNCP.

Exactly this point.
Should this happen automatically? It doesn't for me.
What do I have to write to /etc/config/hnet or elsewhere to do it?

Sorry for being a bit stupid here, I just don't understand so far.

Best regards!

On 05.04.2016 18:47, Henning Rogge wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 4:41 PM, Robert Mader <robert.mader at fu-berlin.de> wrote:
>> Hej Henninng,
>> first of all thanks for being so responsive.
>> Well yeah, that was maybe a little bit unclear.
>> The gateways and node0 are routers/mesh nodes.
>> Node 1 and 2 should rather be called clients.
>> They're not routers and are connected to node0 for example via wifi.
>> Between the gateways and node0 could be more mesh nodes, so basically
>> this is just the smallest kind of multi-homed mesh network.
> The concept of HNCP would be the following.
> ALL your mesh routers also run the HNCP daemon. In fact is uses its
> own flooding mechanism to distribute the HNCP related data (IP
> addresses, prefixes, DNS names).
> Both gateway 1 and gateway 2 announce the IPv4/IPv6 prefix of their
> uplink as "available" to HNCP.
> Each HNCP daemon takes parts of this prefix to configure the Mesh
> interfaces with IPs (/32 and /128 ones) and take a small subnet from
> each of the distributed prefixes for their attached ethernet, which is
> distributed locally via DHCP(v6) and RA.
> There is also an optional part that handles DNS names with the help of HNCP.
> Henning Rogge
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