[Battlemesh] portable nodes?

Pau pau at dabax.net
Fri Apr 8 21:39:54 CEST 2016

We will carry a Power Gorilla (20Ah) battery which can be used to power
one or more mesh routers. Actually two years ago in Leipzig (and also
before in Aalborg) we made tests from/to a mobile node powered with this

Anyway, having several 5 or 12 Volt batteries would be interesting even
for non-mobile nodes (places without 220V plug). So if you own any,
please bring it.

On 08/04/16 21:27, Benjamin Henrion wrote:
> Hi,
> Those USB batteries are super cheap nowadays, and they output 5V 2A,
> which is enough to power some wifi routers.
> Is there a plan to integrate those in the tests?
> Best,


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