[Battlemesh] idea: QoS in mesh-networks / private interfaces

Bastian Bittorf bittorf at bluebottle.com
Mon Apr 11 21:19:49 CEST 2016

dear hobbyists!

For making everything better 8-) my idea was to
apply QoS-rules per neighbourm, because of:

dynamically restrict rx/tx to _lower_ values than rate-selection
guesses, so we dont run that likely into congestion/borders.
yes: i prefer low latency over fast throughput.

For making this to work it needs 1 interface per neigh.
This smells like VLANs, but i could not get it to work:
When I force to tag the wireless with e.g. tag 66 it applies
of course for all packets, not only a specific neigh.

is somebody of you aware of a method for reaching this goal?

imagine e.g. 3 nodes in a triangle:
Node A - interface wlanAB, wlanAC
Node B - interface wlanBA, wlanBC
Node C - interface wlanCA, wlanCB

the normal e.g. 'wlan0' should stay, so new neighs are still
capable of joining (and are later transfered to a private interface).

bonus-point if there is a way for having the broadcast packets
still on the not-private interface.

bye, bastian

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