[Battlemesh] Gigabit switch/router openwrt with SFP

Musti musti at wlan-si.net
Tue Apr 12 16:10:06 CEST 2016

Hi folks,

I am writing to you in search of an openwrt device using the switch
functionality, ideally I need something like RB260GSP:

- runs openwrt
- gigabit switch with one SFP port
- PoE in and out
- gpio/uart somewhat exposed or on some pads

Since this is to be used with wireless optical system KORUZA
http://koruza.net and built into the box, it would be even better to
find it as a board only option.

This RouterBoard is in terms of features perfect, but has a Taifatech
tf-470 processor inside, which does not seem to be openwrt supported,
any thoughts if the support can be added?

Might see you all on Battlemesh :) otherwise I hope you will have an
even better time then last year in Maribor.

Kind regards,

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