[Battlemesh] http://olsr.org/git/oonf.git/ down?

Gui Iribarren gui at altermundi.net
Wed Apr 13 16:18:19 CEST 2016

hey folks,
here i am, trying to compile olsrd2 for the first time in my life, in
order to have it ready for the Battle

in menuconfig, i enabled:
Network -> OLSR.org network framework -> <M> oonf-olsrd2

then tried make, but it failed with

fatal: unable to access 'http://olsr.org/git/oonf.git/': The requested
URL returned error: 403
Makefile:67: recipe for target
'/home/gui/src/battlemesh/openwrt/dl/oonf-olsrd2-0.11.2.tar.bz2' failed

is that down? or am i doing anything wrong?


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