[Battlemesh] OpenWRT Summit in Berlin (Oct 13 2016)

Nemesis nemesis at ninux.org
Wed Aug 3 12:17:11 CEST 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm sharing with you here the invitation to the next OpenWRT Summit
(http://openwrtsummit.org) which will be held in Berlin on the 13th of
October 2016, and of course LEDE developers & fans (as myself) are
mostly welcome as well.

I've been last year to the first edition in Dublin and I had a very
positive experience. The crowd was quite different than the usual crowd
I meet at the battlemesh and similar events, because it was formed
mainly by professionals who have (or are employed by) a business which
uses OpenWRT/LEDE for its core activity.

I think that having more community network enthusiasts would improve the
atmosphere at the event.

I also want to encourage everybody who has interesting information to
share to propose a talk (by August 19)!

Suggested topics include:

* Introductory topics (What is OpenWrt/LEDE? How to build? How to
install? How to build packages?)
* Hardware (Adding support for hardware you created or bought,
contributing back to the core)
* OpenWrt/LEDE derivatives (Best practices, staying close to core)
* Unique and complex usage scenarios
* Security (Containers, jails, etc)
* Culture (Encouraging new contributors, documentation, advocacy)
* Internet of Things/Internet of Everything
* Future of OpenWrt, LEDE and related projects

The event is funded by prpl foundation (which has also been donating
financial assistance to the last 2 battlemesh events), the people
involved in organizing it are listed below:

* Abhijit Mahajani
* Beda Kosata
* Eric Schultz
* Federico Capoano
* Hans Dedecker
* Hauke Mehrtens
* Imre Kaloz
* Kathy Giori
* Luka Perkov
* Paul Blay
* Zoltan Herpai

Hope to see you in Berlin, it will be fun.. Berlin is always fun :-)


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