[Battlemesh] FCC Contacts about Wifi Regulations

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 09:35:23 CEST 2016

> On 5 Aug, 2016, at 10:24, Paul Gardner-Stephen <paul at servalproject.org> wrote:
>> I think the correct solution is as follows:
>> 1: Allow software-level reconfiguration of the radios.  Make it as easy as possible to select the correct regulatory domain, using geolocation if practical.  Before selling/deploying hardware, set it up correctly for its intended region, or for a failsafe composite region which is compliant in all of the most common domains.

> Unfortunately we know from the TP-LINK case just now, that the FCC doesn't like this, and experience from RC and others, is that the staff on the border during disasters also get cagey about any purely software option.  

>> 2: Make the end-user liable for the emissions of his hardware, if he has explicitly set an incorrect regulatory domain or made hardware modifications (eg. to increase its power output).  Place a prominent notice, as Juliusz suggested, informing the end-user of this responsibility. 
>> This solves both problems: freedom and flexibility is retained, and the FCC still has a way to enforce the regulations (with boots on the ground).

> Except that they will instead enforce (as will many other national regulators) by declining approval to import/use.

I still think it’s the *correct* solution.  The problem is convincing the authorities of that fact.

 - Jonathan Morton

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