[Battlemesh] Proposal for battlemesh v10 "testbed"

Gui Iribarren gui at altermundi.net
Thu Dec 15 12:15:11 CET 2016

On 15/12/16 06:10, Linus L├╝ssing wrote:
> ... just to share with you guys, even though I'm not sure whether the
> people working on it would like that yet, there's been quite some
> work on allowing layer 3 routing protocols in Gluon - including
> roaming! I had the pleasure to admire probably one of the first
> ordinary, mobile devices roaming on a BABEL mesh. Nils Schneider has
> done some incredible work for the "l3roamd" [1][2]. And Christof
> Schulz is currently feverishly working on its integration in
> Gluon.

Very nice to hear that! Looking forward to see it working

> So not sure if for this Battlemesh, but maybe the one after that
> Gluon might be able to provide a stable firmware, tested by
> many, many nodes and communities. While still allowing to compare
> different routing protocols running on it, with the same kernel,
> queuing, rate control etc. for all of them.

With LibreMesh we're already there :)
(a stable firmware, tested by many nodes and communities, in different
continents) that can autoconfigure a mesh on layer3 using OLSR, OLSR2,
BABEL or BMX6 / BMX7 (chosen at binary preparation)
as well as a layer2 BATMAN-Adv

So, also in line with Juliusz and Henning, for this coming edition i'd
then propose to simply use LibreMesh for every protocol, so it's always
the same set of kernel, qc, bugs, etc :)

(i'd still be interested in a "showcase" of firmwares at least as a
side-activity, but we could discuss that in another thread.)

in january i can prepare binaries, flash them to a couple of routers,
and coordinate with protocol devs to let them ssh in, and confirm
everything looks good for them

if by end of january i haven't fullfilled my promise, then we have still
5 more months to come up with a better plan ;)

> Regards, Linus
> [1]: https://www.nilsschneider.net/2016/04/10/babel-in-gluon.html
> [2]: https://github.com/tcatm/l3roamd
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