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Pau pau at dabax.net
Fri Dec 16 16:32:03 CET 2016

So what's up with 802.11s? Or any other "stupid" link-layer protocols
which are not part of the WiFi stack? Is it not a mesh network?

In any case, I would make a difference between "mesh network" and "free
community mesh network". First one only references to technical stuff,
second one would refer to also philosophic definition such as
decentralized, bottom-up, etc.

On 16/12/16 16:26, Benjamin Henrion wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 4:23 PM, Pau <pau at dabax.net> wrote:
>> IMO there is not a single definition for mesh network. It depends on the
>> context. For my understanding the definition from libremesh.org is quite
>> correct in our context "Mesh networks are such networks where all
>> participants (nodes) are able to route traffic from other participants".
>> So all nodes are able to route. Thus IMO when we talk about mesh network
>> we talk about layer 3 (or layer2 in case of Bat-adv), but not layer 1.
>> Guifi.net is not a mesh network (or at least we do not define it as a
>> mesh network), but a community network using mainly BGP/OLSR following a
>> star topology. So there are SuperNodes (which are able to route) and
>> standard nodes connected to some SuperNode (nodes not able to route
>> packets from the main network). However inside Guifi.net there are some
>> mesh clouds which are actually small mesh networks where all
>> participants are able to route using some dynamic routing protocol.
> You cannot be a true mesh if you don't use ad-hoc mode.
> I agree you can do a mesh over client-AP, but this means some nodes
> are more important than others, thus have more power in the network.


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