[Battlemesh] 33C3: another make wifi fast again

Mathias Mahnke mathias at mycr.de
Wed Dec 28 15:51:21 CET 2016


Am 28.12.16 um 10:39 schrieb Benjamin Henrion:

> Thanks for the tip, however I had the same problem with the European
> Parliament videos, which uses the same trick to save space on their
> side, but make things very complicated for the end user.
> It would be simpler to make a second video with the audio track in
> english. Most browsers that play videos inside don't support this
> feature of switching audio channels.

the embedded webplayer does support the different audio tracks. See the
"star button" in the lower right corner / nav bar.

For my using the audio track features are quite normal and pretty
standard. Also you will get the ability to only provide on release per
talk, switch audio and subtitling at any point of time during watching a

Hope the "star" is working for you?

Kind regards

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