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Sun Feb 14 16:26:24 CET 2016
"We do not use glibc. Like most openwrt based firmwares we use uclibc."
"We use Open-WRT but the switch core has it's own code provided by the
manufacturer just like UBNT or any switch.

The Open-WRT is just the UI and some modules that offload some protocol
controls like LACP/RSTP and such but the switching itself is always
handled inside core with it's own pre-loaded code."
"Please press Enter to activate this console. vtss_core: module license
'(c) Vitesse Semiconductor Inc.' taints kernel.
switch: 'Luton26' board detected"

On one of our WS-6-MINI:

root at NX:/www# cat /proc/version 
Linux version (dev at netonixdev) (gcc version 4.1.2) #9 Sat Feb
21 19:48:11 EST 2015
root at NX:/www# cat /proc/cpuinfo 
system type		: Vitesse VCore-III
processor		: 0
cpu model		: MIPS 24K V5.4
BogoMIPS		: 277.70
wait instruction	: yes
microsecond timers	: yes
tlb_entries		: 16
extra interrupt vector	: yes
hardware watchpoint	: yes
ASEs implemented	: mips16 dsp
shadow register sets	: 1
core			: 0
VCED exceptions		: not available
VCEI exceptions		: not available

I did not see and did not ask for source code.



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