[Battlemesh] [bufferbloat-fcc-discuss] Action: fixing *WRT and the FCC

David Lang david at lang.hm
Thu Feb 18 23:31:09 CET 2016

There was a post on /. today on the topic and in the comments there was a 
sub-thread about how wonderful it is to operate on channel 14, just tell your 
AP that you are in Japan and set it to 14

people are going to be able to do this sort of thing until and unless the 
channel rules are the same everywhere in the world (which is never going to 

There's also the case of Ham operators legitimately using channel -2. you can't 
have equipment tell if the person setting it up has a license or not.

You need to solve this by going afte the people breaking the rules, not by 
trying to make it impossible to break the rules.

David Lang

On Thu, 18 Feb 2016, Adrian Chadd wrote:

> Ugh!
> Look, it's not going to work that way. You're expecting everyone is
> going to have access to a GPS receiver. If you get access to NTP and
> GeoIP location, people will just disable or spoof it.
> It's barking up the wrong tree. This is mostly political. We need loud
> vendor voices advocating for openness. Now, this likely won't be
> TP-Link, D-Link, etc. My suggestion is to get the vendors that are
> already doing stuff with open hardware (pfsense, thinkpenguin,
> 8devices, and all of the kickstarter wifi companies) to get together
> and advocate on this.
> This isn't specifically a technical problem. There needs to be a much
> larger, much louder, much more unified front than the last attempt. If
> you can get this, then you can ask someone like Google to get
> involved.
> -adrian
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