[Battlemesh] Call for sponsored travels to Battlemesh v9 in Porto, Portugal

Simon Wunderlich sw at simonwunderlich.de
Sat Feb 20 22:41:51 CET 2016

Hi Philipp,

On Saturday 20 February 2016 20:42:53 Philipp Borgers wrote:
> [...]
> > > This is true, situations are different. However most of our participants
> > > are
> > > from the EU, and we want to avoid explaining/discussing why some
> > > participants
> > > may apply why others can't - we don't want to double check on people,
> > > and
> > > we
> > > don't want to create grudges between our "regular" partcipants. Drawing
> > > a
> > > line
> > > for non-EU participants minimizes organization overhead and should also
> > > avoid
> > > troubles among our EU participants.
> > 
> > Exactly. I would say 80%+ of the participants are from Europe, and from my
> > point of view WBM should be as worldwide as possible, that is why we are
> > promoting non-EU participants like in previous year. If the V10 edition
> > would be in the US I would be happy to know they were giving preference to
> > non-US, for instance, as going to the US usually costs over 800-1000€.
> Do we give preference to non-EU or do we restrict the sholarship to non-EU?
> Reading the initial mail again it sounds like we restrict it to non-EU
> citizens.

Yes, we restrict it to non-EU only. This is what we had in the sponsorship 
info and communicated to our sponsors, so we won't change that now.

> [...]
> Maybe we can encourage scholars to contribute in some way (back), e.g. by
> giving a small talk, workshop, show some tricks, jump around three times
> in the air.

That's definitely a good idea - it would be great to find out about their 
backgrounds. :)

> Why do we assume that people just make holidays with the grant
> anyway? Is this an experience we made in the past?

Not at the battlemesh, but generally, yes, this happened. We generally want to 
spend the sponsorship money diligently so these kind of problems don't even 

> [...]
> Thanks for entering a constructive discussion!

As Filipe suggested, I would also prefer to take this discussion to the venue 
in Porto and not so much on the mailing list. Talking in person with a group 
of people who are interested in this kind of administrative stuff is much 
better, IMHO.

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