[Battlemesh] [FCC] What hardware still works?

Philipp Borgers borgers at mi.fu-berlin.de
Tue Feb 23 17:23:53 CET 2016

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 05:08:52PM +0100, Benjamin Henrion wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 4:26 PM, Adam Longwill
> <adam.longwill at metamesh.org> wrote:
> > We have contracts to fulfill. Can we start a discussion here about what
> > hardware still works? What about Ligowave who came to Battlemesh v8? They
> > said they gave out unlock codes. Do any of you use them? What hardware are
> > you STILL buying that STILL works?
> >
> > Also, is it possible to use the JTAG interface to reflash a router and erase
> > locked down firmware or is it the same as ethernet flashing- I've never done
> > it.
> Yes, depends on the SoC, and if the JTAG pins are properly exposed.
> After that, the JTAG software needs to support your flash chip.
> Otherwise, since nowadays most flash chips are SPI ones in SOIC8
> format, it is easier to just use a buspirate with a 4x2 clamp hooked
> on the chip, and you will be able to reflash it:
> http://www.dhresource.com/0x0s/f2-albu-g1-M00-CA-EB-rBVaGFQ_GG6AHCR0AAEtkRTBPOQ099.jpg/updated-ic-clamp-soic8-sop8-ic-clip-1-adapter.jpg

Can someone give a workshop about the tools for flash reading and the process

Maybe we can collect some money in advance so everybody can have the right tools
at hand?

Best Philipp
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