[Battlemesh] Missing reservation-OK and payment instructions

panayotis antoniadis panayotis at nethood.org
Mon Feb 29 19:00:22 CET 2016


Just to add from my side, that my main interest is on local applications
for wireless community networks, both small and largem focusing
more on the "access" than the "backbone" part of the network.

I have been thinking about such applications for the last 8 years, on
the side of other activities. This is an old paper that brought me in
contact with Jonathan Baldwin in the early days of the RedHook WiFi 
and this is more recent work in an "interdisciplinary" context:

A few months ago I co-founded http://nethood.org as a non-profit 
in Zurich, through which I will be trying the next 3 years to move from 
to practice, with the help of James and other experts from different 
perspectives (design, law, politics, and more)

In short, if you think that local applications could be an interesting 
for a "plenary" discussion, I think that my contribution will be useful and
perhaps could be "merged" with James'. Otherwise, I could try a 
talk :-)

And some more links on projects/events I have been involved lately:

On 29/02/16 11:02, James Stevens wrote:
> Dear Filipe,
> Thanks for processing my online application..
> OWN is a legacy open-mesh network last refreshed in 2008 with 60 nodes 
> in Deptford in south east London. We first built networks with 
> http://connsume.net in 2000 so am a veteran! Since then have been 
> involved on and off with networks in London Berlin, Spain and Greece.
> Your deadline call for presentations has passed but I would be happy 
> to present any aspect of this history as well as talk about new work 
> underway in our pilot MAZI zone in Deptford Creek. My colleague Panos 
> is also travelling from Zurich to attend Battlemesh, perhaps you know 
> him?
> I plan to travel over on Sunday 1st and have a place to stay from 
> Tuesday 3rd night already. I could also pay for my own flights and 
> they are not expensive from uk at the moment anyway. Can you guys find 
> me a room for Sunday and Monday?
> anyway, here are some URL's for you to check out
> http://consume.net
> http://spc.org
> http://mazizone.eu
> I look forward to hearing again from you soon..
> easy
> James
> On 29/02/2016 08:46, Filipe Borges Teixeira wrote:
>> Hi!
>> The registration process is manual, that is why it took a little 
>> longer to
>> proccess.
>> @Erik, Nemesis I have processed your registrations, you may have 
>> receiveved
>> the payment details. Please contact me if you didn't.
>> @All We only have 8 rooms left, hurry up and make your reservations! Any
>> doubt please contact me directly.
>> Have a nice week!
>> BR,
>> Filipe Teixeira
>> 2016-02-28 14:13 GMT+00:00 nemesis <nemesis at ninux.org>:
>>> [battlemesh at ml.ninux.org only]
>>> Also Alessandro Gnagni has not received any news and he would like 
>>> to know
>>> how to proceed to complete the booking for the hostel.
>>> Nemesis
>>> On Sun, 28 Feb 2016 14:28:54 +0100, Erik <ecat at ivdp.org> wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> on 20160225 I have registered with that google-form but did not get
>>>> an OK for the hostel-reservation (Option A) or the payment
>>>> instructions until now. As the reservations are only valid until march
>>>> 1st (?), I would like to know, what I have to do now?
>>>> May you please send me the OK for the reservation and the payment
>>>> instructions?
>>>> Greetings,
>>>> Erik
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