[Battlemesh] Publishing results: call for help

Nemesis nemesis at ninux.org
Tue Jan 19 12:19:32 CET 2016

Hi everyone,

last year we were able topublish the results of the tests in an easy to
read formatat http://docs.battlemesh.org/.

The effort wasnot in vain, in less than a year(from august till today)
the documentation was read by roughly 1000 people,which in total spent
something like 50 hours reading it.

I believe this is very valuable for different reasons:

  * if you do something great, but you don't publish anything about it,
    it's the same as if it didn't happen at all; sure you might have
    learned a lot from it, but if you disappear from this earth the
    information will be gone with you

  * it will be easier for future contributors to understand what we did
    in the previous editions; it will be easier to propose modifications
    or replications of tests performed several years before

  * it gives more credibility to the event; don't forget this will make
    it easier to convince your company to pay your trip to the
    battlemesh: give managers nice graphs and they'll get super excited ;-)

I would like to replicate this accomplishment again this year, so I
justadded a new line in the task list:*Test documentation*;

I hope therewill be somebody willing to help. The best thing is to have
some of the people who will run the teston board; this is how we did it
more ore less last year: I documented the high level process and then
Mathieu and Toke write more detailed information about what they have done.

What we missed last year was someone who would read the text in the
final phase of the event and fixtypos/grammar and improve things in
general. Having early feedback would allow us to publish the results
sooner when the attention of the participants is still high.

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