[Battlemesh] What hardware still works?

fboehm fboehm at aon.at
Tue Mar 1 14:41:48 CET 2016

Am 29.02.2016 um 21:24 schrieb Valent Turkovic:
> I have been to latest EU Mikrotik conference in Ljubljana this past week
> and I asked few lead Mikrotik engineers if they plan to lock down their
> routers becuase of FCC and EU legislative, and they said that they don't
> plan to lock anything down...
> So there are some really nice Mikrotik devices that is it possible to
> get up and running with OpenWrt, so I suggest you all try to get your
> hands on few Mikrotik devices and try it for yourself.
> I just got my first batch of few different Mikrotik devices so I'll see
> how it works... Mikrotik SXT, Omnitik, mAP, hAP, hEX...
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How is Mikrotik different than other vendors out there? They use a 
proprietary bootloader and a proprietary (yet Linux based) operating 
system. In general Mikrotik doesn't seem to have any interest in 
supporting OpenWRT.

For example the SXT Lite 5 has serial interface but it's 
software-deactivated. Not very helpful if you want to flash OpenWRT via 
the special bootloader modes of their proprietary bootloader.

I started to play around with the JTAG interface and I likely have to 
replace bootloader and firmware.

You can use the same procedure with almost any low-cost product. At 
least if it has working JTAG.


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