[Battlemesh] What hardware still works?

Jo-Philipp Wich jow at openwrt.org
Tue Mar 1 17:53:57 CET 2016


> I’m 100% sure that if such a regulation were passed and enforced
> (which hasn’t happened yet, and almost certainly won’t), then it
> would effectively outlaw ordinary PC laptops from having wifi.  The
> outcry over *that* would be epic.

Typical Lenovo (and other vendors) laptops ship with a BIOS white list
that only allows a very limited subset of wireless modules since several
years already, there wasn't much epic outcry over that.

You could circumvent that by binary patching and reflashing the BIOS or
by programming different PCI IDs into the MiniPCIe cards EEPROM (plus
hacking the drivers to still recognize it), both of that requires a
level of sophistication that is comparable to the current locked router

Granted, the situation with desktop PCs is not that bad yet but I guess
this is mostly due to the fact that those are not highly portable.

~ Jow

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