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Davide Rossin rossin.davide at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 19:27:45 CET 2016

Hi! Want to apologize then for my first message! My english is quite bad,
nice to see that in this mailing list there are other italian guys that
will go to oporto

What takes me to wbm? Honestly a couple of month ago I wasn't even aware of
the existence of p2p community wifi network, routing protocols like
batman-adv, ecc... But i've felt in love almost instantly when i've found
ninux.org and understood that also in Italy there was activity on this
project. I have medium knowledge about linux, but almost zero experience in
development of software. Anyway i'm into various p2p projects since 2013
(file sharing, bitcoin) and i'm particulary fascinated about p2p/diy
philosophy (something that i've found also in ninux.org project).

In this way i've discovered the wbm of Oporto, and after finding a cheap
bgy>opo flight for the week, i told myself that it was absolutely the case
to explore and learn more about this world.

This is basically the reason!


2016-03-12 18:42 GMT+01:00 aad <leone at inventati.org>:

> > Ho visto che nella lista dei partecipanti ci sono altri italiani, per
> > caso qualcuno รจ su questa mailing list?
> Yes, there are some italian people, but we all write in english on this
> mailing list :)
> Btw, what takes you to the WBM?
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