[Battlemesh] My thoughts to setup a citywide mesh network

Mitar mitar at tnode.com
Mon Mar 14 22:20:04 CET 2016


> OLSR stopped working once we hid mark od 350 nodes, so we had to migrate to
> Babel, from what I understand OLSR doesn't fragment routing packages so
> nodes weren't getting all routing info so our network basically stopped
> working until we migrated to Babel. If I'm totally wrong I hope that guys
> from Wlan Slovenia will give a much more detailed info.

Ah, the specific here is that we have a highly connected nodes, VPN
servers, and this became issue for OLSR. It is not the size of the
network, but the type of its topology.

So I would not claim that we are biggest mesh network that work without
issues, but that each network has its specifics and they have to deal
with them.

Also, it is unclear what "mesh" really means. We are using VPN
connections, is this still a mesh? It is from the topology perspective,
but we do not have as many WiFi links. On the other hand, guifi.net has
thousands of nodes and links between them, but they use a different stack.

So, I am glad Valent that you love the work we are doing in wlan
slovenija, but I would not really claim that one approach is better than
another. I think what we all learn as a global community is that you
always have to adapt approaches to local circumstances, and also local
knowledge and opportunities. So it is really hard to compare and say one
is better than another.

This is why in fact we have Battlemesh event. To learn who is better.
And by learning that you learn that no one is really better, but that we
can all learn from each other.


> Also I know that Batman is not suitable for big networks, but not from my
> own experience but from exerience from Munich Freifunk guys. I was in
> Munich visiting them when they had 500 nodes, and then later when they also
> hit 1000 nodes mark. They said that they have so much issues with Batman
> and network being down much of the time that they work all the time on
> keeping the network up and have no time on expanding the network...
> Just jump in on their mailing list or IRC and ask them directly what issues
> are they having, but from what I heard they were having major issues... but
> maybe I misunderstood them, which is also a possibility.
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