[Battlemesh] Successful WBMv10 Recon Mission in Vienna!

Paul Fuxjaeger paul.fuxjaeger at gmx.at
Wed Nov 23 17:18:40 UTC 2016

Hi MeshFans, we have good news:

WirelessBattleMesh v10 - the tenth iteration of the world's largest wireless mesh network community meetup is definitely going to take place in Spring 2017 in *Vienna*, the metropolis of espionage.

The local infrastructure team is up and running since a couple of weeks, and a few days ago Simon, Marek and Filipe spent three days in Vienna to help us test the hostel and select the optimal event location.

We think we may have found a location that fits the purpose :-D

“Volkskundemuseum - The Austrian Museum of Folk Life And Folk Art”

This is an old building with an adjacent, quiet park area in the city center. Inside we can use one big lecture hall with more than 90 seats, and two smaller hacking areas right next to it. Sounds expensive? Not for us. We get a significant discount because they are supportive of the idea of community networks and the culture around it. So, location rent is covered by small sponsorships we already got confirmed. We will make sure to get significantly exteeeended opening hours during the event. Plus, the local hackspace Metalab https://metalab.at/wiki/Lage is located nearby.

Next up are the final negotiations with the best-reviewed hostel we could find nearby (https://www.wombats-hostels.com/vienna/the-naschmarkt/). We hope to get an accomodation package well below 200 Euro per person for the whole week.

But before we can finalise that we need your input. We have negotiated three slots that don’t collide with events like Easterhegg, WCW, republica etc.

1) April 3-9
2) June 5-11
3) June 19-25

please click on your preferred date here, so we can choose soon:

Further details and status updates will follow soon on this list.
yours truly,
the local infrastructure core team
Clemens, Albert, Paul

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