[Battlemesh] Airtime fairness also available for ad-hoc

Benjamin Henrion zoobab at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 23:41:12 CET 2016


Following Dave and others work on Wifi-fast, airtime fairness seems to
be available for ad-hoc (their focus was on the AP mode, which is
bringing a massive improvement for latency according to the slides):


That would be great to make a test before/after the patch just for the
ad-hoc case.

There is an article on LWN, but behind paywall:


"Dave Täht has been working to save the Internet for the last six
years (at least). Recently, his focus has been on improving the
performance of networking over WiFi — performance that has been
disappointing for as long as anybody can remember. The good news, as
related in his 2016 Linux Plumbers Conference talk, is that WiFi can
be fixed, and the fixes aren't even all that hard to do. Users with
the right hardware and a willingness to run experimental software can
have fast WiFi now, and it should be available for the rest of us
before too long."


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