[Battlemesh] Special Regulatory Requirements at wbm10

Paul Fuxjaeger paul.fuxjaeger at gmx.at
Sat Apr 1 22:18:58 CEST 2017

Fellow Battlemeshers!

We have just been informed via somewhat formal channels from our national regulatory body that there is a special non-public clause in the recent radio directive 2014/53/EU (also know as radio lockdown) which is very relevant for this years battlemesh event.

The clause requires that on every site where a significant number of curious hackers accumulate and deploy experimental wireless mesh networks - a temporary dedicated 5GHz weather radar installation has to be setup right next to it. This is done to make sure DFS works as intended and makes every mesh (even the really really clever experimental ones) reliably fall apart every time a short radar impulse is received.

Secondly, “unsigned firmware flashing activity” after midnight (CEST) is strictly prohibited - this is really puzzling and we have no clue why this clause is in there, but please comply - otherwise the building will be emergency evacuated and searched for evil gremlins. (BTW: signed means personally signed by the past commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Günther Öttinger himself, with a ballpen).

Clearly, all of this means significant overhead for our experimental work - and all of this has not been known publicly until today (01.04.2017) - so in order to compensate for those encumbering limitations the EU commission (!) is willing to sponsor the event with HW:

They promised us that every participant that is signed up until 5th of April is eligible for a free halfband wireless router running “a fully certified modern OS which cannot be modified using conventional hacker tools” (so we have been told - rumors indicate its running windows ME embedded edition \o/).

Are you interested in this extra "goodie"? Then sign up now ;)


wbm10 local infra team

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