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Mon Apr 24 21:25:43 CEST 2017

Hi panayotis,

I am Senthilkumar from India. Running community wireless network called
openfreenet.org. I am participating battle mesh v10 event in Vienna. I
would like to attend the Libra mesh workshop. Please confirm my seat in the
workshop. I need your support on accommodation. Looking forward to hear
from you.

On Thu 20 Apr, 2017, 3:22 AM panayotis antoniadis, <panayotis at nethood.org>

> Dear all,
> Just to let you know that Exarcheia Net (a newborn "district" community
> network in Athens) will organize a libremesh hands-on workshop right after
> the battle mesh in Vienna with special guests, Juergen Neumann and the
> three libremesh masquetiers, Gui, Gio, and Pau :-)
> You can read below the initial message sent to the libremesh list, and
> you can contact me personally if you would like to participate and if
> you would need accommodation.
> The workshop will be self-organized and will last at least 2-3 days
> (June 12-15).
> It will include node installations, discussions about strategies
> on how to make such an initiative successful, and more depending
> on the interests of the participants.
> Personally, I will try to come also to Vienna between June 6-8, and I would
> be happy to present about this new effort in Athens and other related work
> through the netCommons project: http://netcommons.eu
> Best,
> Panos
> http://nethood.org/panayotis/
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> Dear all,
> As a quick introduction, I have been thinking and talking for many years
> about the importance of local applications in community networks, in the
> academia before and now somewhere in between research and action through
> the non-profit organization http://nethood.org/
> My current base is in Zurich, Switzerland but I am working on various
> projects in my hometown in Athens including the new community network
> James Lewis mentioned in a different thread. For this project I mostly
> contribute through a nice roof overlooking the Exarcheia neighbourhood
> where the network is being deployed, and an empty apartment in the same
> building where I host friends, colleagues, activists, and more.
> In addition to offering Internet access to the various refugee squats
> that exist in the area, the long-term objective is to offer also a
> variety of local services and develop a different model for building
> community networks in big cities, anchored in different neighbourhoods
> and including open physical spaces for discussions, workshops, training,
> residencies, etc.
> To make the story short, we were thinking with James to organize a
> hands-on workshop perhaps after the battle of the mesh, June 12-15?,
> providing free accommodation for 7-8 people and possibly more, and a
> small real-life testbed (a short camping retreat in a close to Athens
> island is also possible :-))
> I thought to share this idea first here, before opening it up to the
> battle of the mesh, to get a first feedback since it is mostly with
> libremesh that we want to experiment.
> What do you think?
> Would any of you would be interested to visit us in Athens?
> (depending on the prices I might be able to cover also the travel
> expenses from Vienna for 2-3 people)
> Best,
> Panos.
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Thanks and Regards,

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