[Battlemesh] Workshop participants account activation

Charalampos Manolidis manolidis1 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 12:24:15 CEST 2017

Dear all,

This is an announcement to the people interested in participating to the
“Replicating Battlemesh on open wireless testbeds” workshop. Participants
of this workshop will have the chance to run mesh networking experiments on
WITest and ORBIT testbeds.

In order for the participants to have access to the testbeds and be able to
try out the experiments, they need to have their GENI wireless account
pre-activated. It’s really important that all the participants have their
GENI wireless account activated and have verified that they can log on to
the testbed console before the beginning of the workshop.

You can use this tutorial to get a GENI account: https://goo.gl/FBcjRt

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