[Battlemesh] draft report on the results

Leonardo Maccari mail at leonardo.ma
Sun Jun 11 01:19:27 CEST 2017

Dear all,

while at the WBM I was a little disappointed by the many things
we wanted to do but did not have time do to, on my way back I started
reordering all the data and I thought that, in the end, we have enough
results to show and to reason about. So I started writing down a 
small report whose target is someone that was not there, so they understand
what we did, but also the future ourselves, so we don't forget things
that we can do to improve at WBMv11. You can find a draft on github:


I just threw in the names (and not even the surnames) of those that 
spent some time around the testbed, but if you feel to contribute, or
you already did, please add your name. I will work on it in the next
days, but I need help. 

to the next WBM!

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