[Battlemesh] Report on the testbed results

Leonardo Maccari mail at leonardo.ma
Tue Jun 13 14:54:38 CEST 2017

Dear battlemeshers,

Here is the latest and greatest report on the testbed results including:

- ping results
- iperf results
- iperf without Airtime Fairness


I hope i got all the names of the authors right, and since only Bastian 
did some change in the doc, please, other people add your stuff (you are
all in bcc since i am not sure all of you read this list).

The last section is a bunch of indication i collected from me and other
people while testing, useful for next year.

Federico reminded me that we have http://docs.battlemesh.org/, is 
anybody  interested in making the report available also on Read The 
Docs? maybe one of those that passed by during the BM and said "hey, I'd 
like to help documenting!" and then we lost track of them...


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