[Battlemesh] Activism for Refugees in Greece?

Tim Schütz tschuetz at mailbox.org
Thu Jun 22 16:17:44 CEST 2017

Dear listmembers,

My name is Tim, I'm a trained cultural anthropologist from Bremen (Germany) and currently do research on free wireless network activism and its intersection with humanitarianism for refugees/forced migrants. I recently published parts of my BA thesis, which takes a look at "Freifunk" in refugee shelters in Bremen: http://spheres-journal.org/humanitarian-media-intervention-infrastructuring-in-times-of-forced-migration/

Now I am invited to present my work at a conference (http://www.contested-borderscapes.net ) on Lesvos (Greece) but actually have not much of a clue what free wireless activism is like on the island but also the country at large. If there is somebody on the list that was or is directly involved in offering Internet access to refugees, I would love to talk to you either via email or skype. For me, this is especially relevant since there will be a publication followed by the conference, where I can imagine to write particularly on the situation in Greece.

Best wishes from Bremen,

Tim Schütz
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