[Battlemesh] BattlemeshV10 logo proposals

Albert Rafetseder albert.rafetseder+v10 at univie.ac.at
Wed Mar 1 11:07:03 CET 2017


Thank you very much for your feedback on the logo drafts! Allow me for
my 2 cents in change.

TL;DR upfront: Your feedback inspired three adapted logo sketches [0,1].

> I'm no good at creating graphics, so not sure whether I should comment...

Never mind your graphics skills, you're a great ice-breaker :-)

> Hm, maybe just place some beacon circles around the tip of the red tower?

Liked the beacon idea, tried it, couldn't make it work. It resurfaces in
other sketches though [0,2], so thanks for the inspiration!

> the shadow, reflecting the Portuguese map (maybe some of you didn't

Portugal's shape was sure too subtle for me to pick up, albeit a great
concept. Vienna OTOH looks more like a random blob. Probably even less

(mentions wandartisten.de's Vienna skyline "wall tattoo")

My humble attempts to somewhat emulate that style ended up looking
neither simple nor appealing [2]. I did use the Riesenrad traced from
[3] for two other logo variants though [0].

> You could do a V of Vienna with 5 of those balls: (link)

This would be a fitting visual representation of parts of the FunkFeuer
network we are not particularly happy about (i.e. not very meshed). The
visual/typographical clue didn't resonate that much with  me personally,
so I didn't follow through with the suggestion.

> I just tried to arrange it differently.

Whoa, this is how "wbm-themed" should have looked like from the start!
Thanks a lot, I've updated my GitHub repo based on your version (plus
some cosmetics) [1].

Closing remarks:
I sense a desire to keep the radio tower in the logo, so I'm inclined to
call txt.file's rendering of the "wbm-themed" proposal a very promising
candidate [1].

If you haven't seen enough logo drafts yet, please consider two other
(and not radically different) variants [0]. More feedback is appreciated.

My suggestion is to finalize the logo choice based on everyone's input
by Wednesday, March 08, 2017.

(from the WBMv10 Vienna team).

updated per txt.file's rearrangement
[3] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Wien_Riesenrad.jpg

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