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Hi everyone,

last saturday me and Andi held an unconference session at the Google
Mentor Summit in Sunnyvale California in which we talked about Open
Networks and Wireless Mesh and we urged the participants to join the
battlemesh mailing list as a way to keep in touch and share news about
the subject.

I forward you the email I sent there with the notes I've collected
during the session.

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Hi everyone,

we had an interesting session about Open Networks and Wireless Mesh at
the Summit on Saturday which was proposed by me (OpenWISP
<http://openwisp.org/>) and Andreas Brau (Freifunk

I took some notes during the discussion, although it's not complete
because we talked a lot about different topics.

As I said at the session, since we are not many people around the world
interested in this subject, it's important to keep in touch and join our
efforts when possible.
Keeping in touch also means sharing information about news and events
related to Open Networking and Community networks. 

A good place to share this kind of news is the Battlemesh
<http://battlemesh.org/> mailing
list: http://ml.ninux.org/mailman/listinfo/battlemesh

For those the more technically inclined, check out NetJSON

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Wireless nomad experience in Canada

- too much work to do but not enough volunteers so the project died out

Freifunk experience in Germany:

- every participant is responsible for their node so they must do some work to join

Melbourne wireless experience:

- the project started out as a technical hobby for lots of people but after a while
  things got easier and the more technical people started leaving because not interested anymore

Ninux experience in Italy:

- we have good technical people but getting fewer and fewer new technically skilled members


- not sure growing at a huge rate anymore because the copyright law problems have relaxed

Finding sustainable model

- Foundation/membership model
- Melbourne wireless allows participants to donate 50$ a year voluntarily
- Freifunk also as donation subscriptions
- But it's generally a good idea to avoid paying people to build nodes to avoid participants to become too dependent on the organization
- Pittsmesh: consulting business for setting up networks
- Trying to make internet access in canada more accessible/affordable is probably a good business idea

Motivations for participating in this kind of efforts:

- net neutrality, decentralization of internet infrastructure
- started for off-site backups, like the social aspect but also other technical aspects

Collaboration with local ISP/WISP

- Melbourne: no collaboration at all
- Freifunk: collaboration for fiber
- Ninux: collaboration for BGP peering / fiber
- Guifi: the foundation works in collaboration with commercial ISP/WISP

- https://dn42.eu/Home

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