[Battlemesh] Testbed for Mesh is in the air <3

Leonardo Maccari mail at leonardo.ma
Thu Apr 5 10:32:44 CEST 2018

On 04/04/18 22:37, Monic Meisel wrote:
> Dear battlemesh attendants,
> I have a question regarding the testbed hardware … there is just one
> entry on our contribution page so far:
> https://www.wireless-meshup.org/doku.php/contribution
> Last year @battlemesh the hardware was self organized by the attendees
> … The „Förderverein" has some stuff in our deposit, but I don’t have
> any clue, what would you prefer or what are your needs?
> As you may know, I was never involved in the measurement campaign
> itself. Is there a need to set up something upfront? I remember some
> discussions the last years, is there any best practice by now?
> Thanks for helping out on this topic,
> Best Monic

Hi Monic,

In the past 2/3 years we had some Tp-link WDR4300 brought by various
people, I think (but may be wrong) that a bunch of them comes from Guifi
people, (Pedro ?).
I will bring 6 ubnt Unifi Pro, which we used as a testing test-bed (so
we tried stuff there before using it in the large one).

About organizing the testbed, we did it live at the place itself. As
these are dual band routers we used one frequency for the management and
another for the tests themselves.
This always makes things unstable, as the management layer never works
properly, so at the last BM we suggested that for the next time the
wireless testbed could become... wired. Meaning that we use one radio
for the mesh, but we cable all the routers one to the other to do the
management. This would spare us of a lot of waste of time.

I don't remember if C-base is cabled or not and if we can use existing
wall-plugs, or we need to bring cable, plugs, crimp pliers, duct tape,
and tape cables to the ground in all the place. In the second case it
would be nice to have the stuff in place.


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