[Battlemesh] Hotel Payment and Accommodation in Berlin

Paul Fuxjaeger paul.fuxjaeger at gmx.at
Sun Apr 29 23:13:03 CEST 2018

hey All,

two short updates:

1) some of you seem to have been told in error by Meininger Hotel that
you have to pay in advance (and cancellation without charge is only
possible until payment deadline).

--> Please IGNORE this, Meininger staff says they're sorry for the
inconvenience. The negotiated MESH deal was and still is:

*payment at arrival and cancellation without charge*

2) if you are still looking for accommodation: we have been told that a
few beds are still available at Meininger Eastside, albeit not for the
whole week.

There is also a nearby alternative: http://citystay.de/sleep/

We tested it during recon mission - it's close, ok quality, definitely
less luxurious in terms of breakfast. Cheap. They also have a few beds
left, depending on the room type.


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