[Battlemesh] Battlemesh Reconnaissance team going to... France!

Filipe Borges Teixeira filipebteixeira at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 17:34:57 UTC 2018

Hi Battlemeshers,

We have good news! After the call for WBMv12 locations last October, we
have received three proposals for three different countries (thanks for all
the effort on those three proposals!). After evaluating the three proposals
and talking to each potential hosts for several weeks, we are now happy to
announce that we will do a reconnaissance mission for WBMv12 to Paris,
France, from Dec 6 to Dec 8th!

Paul and myself, together with remote hands from Albert and Clauz, will be
visiting the city, checking out the different venue proposals and "test"
one of the proposed accommodation options. We will also kickstart the
organization process that has been established over the past years.

Our local team in Paris includes Aube, Baptiste, Daniele, and Virginie.
They come from different structures:
* Franciliens.net: community ISP
* Globenet: community hosting provider
* Grenode: Grenoble-based community-operated Internet Exchange point
* La Quadrature du Net: human rights in the digital space defense
* NetCommons: research initiative on community networks
* Rézine: community ISP

Their structures (except NetCommons) are all members of FFDN, a federation
of community ISPs. They are very motivated in organizing WBMv12 and we are
doing our best to make it great, once again!

If you happen to know any hackers, communities, hackerspaces or activists
we should meet/check out, please let us know or connect us with them! Also
if you are in Paris or in the area, feel free to join!

Will we have Battlemesh back to where it started? Stay tuned!

Filipe Teixeira
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