[Battlemesh] Updates - Mesh is in the air <3 #ffwcw18 #wbmv11

Monic Meisel monic at monic.de
Thu Mar 22 09:03:59 CET 2018

Dear wireless networks activists,

we constantly update the wiki with new information regarding our next community event. The organizers will have a mumble at wednesday 28th of march again. In case you have any questions, please let us know upfront! Please find little status report from our side:

We actually have sent out the call for endorsements and wait for your feedback latest by end of March, so we can start the poster layout and put them on the webpage.

We are still looking for hardware support for the testbed. We hope that attendants can bring like the last years stuff, in terms of organizing this, we set up this page. You should be able to edit it without registration to the wiki: https://www.wireless-meshup.org/doku.php/contribution

You have the chance to decide on the colour of the shirts. We decided for eco-cotton, fair trade Earthpositve Shirts:
We need you to vote now until the end of the week here: https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/6pgwvggy/

Thanks to our sponsors we are happy to provide some travel scholarships that are given not only but prefered to people not living in Europe to enable members of wireless communities to attend the event.

1) Please apply for the travel scholarships by sending in a link with a 2-3 minutes video that answers the questions below until 7th of April to organizers at wireless-meshup.org

We would like to ask you to describe your situation and contribution in short:
Who are you, where are you from?
Why would you like to attend Wireless Mesh-up?
What impact in your local environment do you expect from your participation?
What would your contribution/talk/session be about?
How much would the flight cost?
Do you need an invitation to get visa?

2) A jury composed by mentors and local Freifunk team decides on the best applications until 15th April.

3) Easiest way for Förderverein freie Netzwerke is, if you could pay upfront and provide us with the invoices with your name on it. But we can figure out together, how to deal with this in detail as it happens.

CALL FOR TALKS & CNSIG Participation
txt.file will support us with the schedule and will send the call out soon, thanks upfront for helping!

- I hope to get people from the http://cnsig.info/ to learn more about it and to run workshop(s) regarding the working groups? If anyone involved in this is on the list, please let me know to figure out, how we can provide a session on this :)

- Plus members of the RRS Expert Group have already agreed to meet with us!
So there will be a session on radio directive with first hand information on the EU process together with Sebastian Raible http://raible.org/

- Please register for Elektras Open Freifunk MPPT Solder Workshop here: https://www.wireless-meshup.org/doku.php/solderworkshop

Dependent on the budget of the ISOC Funding, we hope to be able to cover the dinner catering fully. Breakfast is included in the hotel deal and we start at 11.00 am each day. Around the c-base there are also several options to grab something in between, if needed.
Wednesday evening we will also have a pleasure trip to Holzmarkt cooperative, please register here by editing the wiki without registration and put your name in the list:

Beverages can be bought at the locations at affordable prices or brought with you.

Also without wiki registration please put yourself here, if you are coming and provide us your meal preferences and t-shirt size.
The first social event and workshop is also fixed and in the timetable, so please register yourself there as well :)

Aaaand please don’t forget to retweet @freifunk and @battlemesh!
Thanks from the Orga Team

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