[Battlemesh] Call for WBMv12 Location Proposals

Filipe Borges Teixeira filipebteixeira at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 16:33:10 CEST 2018

Hi Battlemeshers,

Unfortunately, we do not have any candidates so far. We would really want
to have WBMv12 in 2019, but we need a local team that can help us hosting
the event. Without a venue, we can't do it :(

*If you are interested in organizing next WBM edition, please get in
contact with us so that we can work on that together, even if you are not
sure it's possible.*

Thanks and have a nice week!

Best Regards,
Filipe Teixeira

Filipe Borges Teixeira <filipebteixeira at gmail.com> escreveu no dia domingo,
7/10/2018 à(s) 12:02:

> Hi Battlemeshers,
> Thank you once again for joining us in Berlin! After a successful v11
> edition, colocated with FFWCW2018 in what we called Wireless Meshup (Mesh
> is in The Air), we are starting to prepare v12 edition!
> At our Battlemesh Community meeting, we have discussed future locations
> for WBM. We had some candidates:
> - Bracciano (Italy) proposed by Clauz
> - Madurai (India) proposed by Senthil Kumar
> - Brasil proposed by Eduardo Coelho and Débora Leal
> - Athens (Greece) proposed by Panos (although not 100% sure).
> Following the discussion of this year and also last year, where the
> possibility to move WBM outside Europe was also raised, we believe that WBM
> should remain (moving) within Europe and that we should encourage
> communities outside Europe to create similar events, pushing forward local
> communities. We are happy to help you with that process! @Senthil maybe you
> could catch up with Internet Society Comunity Networks SIG council (
> http://cnsig.info/) to ask about the global summit and join the
> discussion there, it could be a good idea!. @Débora, @Eduardo we would
> suggest you contact Nicolás Echániz <nicoechaniz at altermundi.net> to get
> more information on Regional Meeting in Latin America (LAC).
> In the meanwhile, due to some life changes, Clauz will not be able to host
> the event in Italy and Panos was not sure about hosting the event when we
> met in Berlin (if you have any news on this proposal please update us!). We
> are now making a call for WBMv12 Location Proposals.
> If you are reading this e-mail and would like to host WBMv12, please send
> us an e-mail with the following information:
> * Describe your proposed location (city, venue)
>  * Introduce yourself and your team or community
>  * Tell us about the facilities (rooms, internet access), accommodation
> options (expected package price), hackerspaces, etc
>  * Tell us about travel options, e.g. nearest international airport, bus,
> or train
>  * Do you plan to have organized food? Are there restaurants nearby, etc?
>  * What kind of social events could be organized?
>  * Preferred times - people seem quite happy with the time of the event
> (April - June), we need to make sure it does not overlap with other
> important events
> Please follow up with your proposals by October 14th. After reviewing all
> the possible locations, the mentor team, composed by Albert, Claudio, Paul
> and myself - will set up a recon visit and announce the final decision.
> Best Regards,
> Filipe Teixeira
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