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Hi all!

I have just pushed the feature/ground-routing branch to our git repo, the
news is that it is already usable and working, the bad news is that it seems
that openwrt doesn't offer a way to know who switch%d is so it could
be eth0 or eth1 depending on the model and seems there is no way to
it from software side -_-

what I have done now is assume in the code that swtich$i will be mapped to
eth$i and although it is not true it works on all device i have and on
we use the most like tl-wdr3x00

what openwrt do is ship a spefic confing for each different device, this
config is
manually written by the person who write the support for that device so
old boring manual human work...

what we can do is
1) leave stuff as is, so users with "unusual" devices have do do some adjust
after lime-config
2) Introduce some kind of very very hardware specific module like the
lime-hwd-tl-wdr3600 we had this summer for each device with a "switch map"
readeable by a program
3) Push openwrt developers to implement some kind of mechanism to make
map readeable from software side

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