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Oggetto: [lime-dev] lime-altermesh deployed in DeltaLibre
Data: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 13:22:28 -0300
Mittente: Gui Iribarren <gui a altermundi.net>
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A: libre-mesh developement <dev a lists.libre-mesh.org>

Today is a very happy day, even though i slept only two hours in the
whole weekend :P
after preparing the lime release candidate these past weeks,
with all the *code written by Gio*,
i compiled an imagebuilder from scratch using *p4u's lime-build* ath-ib
uploaded it to *altermundi's chef*,
then prepared an image for *DeltaLibre* with that
and cooked the first *LiMe-based AlterMesh* complete release

flashed that to a pair of lab devices at hand, and after confirming
nothing would blow out badly, i sysupgraded 8 devices in DeltaLibre's
gambado river (where it all started, 3 years ago, and which was still
running one of the first altermesh versions)


everything went out reasonably smooth (i'm still counting how many hours
till i bump into some nasty, ugly ath9k hang :P)
well, to be honest, i spotted already in my table-lab a new ath9k issue,
where 802.11n speeds are not initially negotiated in IBSS VIF, and
apparently starts to work after a wifi reset or something. Didn't care
to debug it much, since i wanted to focus on having LiMe-AlterMesh deployed.

These 8 sysupgraded nodes are not the first ones; the are 9 "LiMe-Full"
nodes in a cloud that has been running since march in angostura river

giving a current total of 17 lime-based nodes, servicing real people
this is the WAN port traffic at the gateway in the 9 LiMe-Full cloud

so, to put it in perspective: even though i haven't touched legacy
AlterMesh code for months, this marks the official abandonment of that
codebase, since we now have an equivalent firmware built with LiMe, as
we had originally planned back in Berlin's WCW 2013 - having achieved
this milestone i want to share a hurray! with you all :D

coding and developing takes some time, yet coordinating efforts between
different communities is incomparably harder, so this determines the
project progress, which then is basically a reflection of the members'
social bonds strength :)

code is just code; insignificant, even ugly code, in comparison to what
happened behind the scenes that originated it

it's no coincidince that during these last few months, Nico, Jesi and I
had the opportunity to share time together, in person so that we could
smell each other (as Isaac coined once :D), as well as Gio and Pau on
their side too, which also helped hold mumble meetings,
or that Al & Gri recently went to Mexico, to materialize the workshops
that (unknowingly to Al) we had informally imagined with Peter Bloom at
the start of the year; then crossing borders to visit SudoRoom, to weave
one more strand in the free networks social fabric ;)
speaking of which, a few days ago surian (from Brasil!) met pau and
gio... and now jow is dropping in the party as well!? you sure are
having fun, so cheers to all \o/ \o/ \o/

ps: (or back to topic?)
while crashtesting the release, i took the time to report two
"pseudoblocker" bugs, not particular to lime; they don't affect the
(clients) end-user experience, but greatly annoy admins work on ssh
sessions and debugging

[0]: lime-altermesh is basically a subset of lime-full that runs only
batman-adv, i.e. without lime-proto-bmx6 and lime-proto-anygw.
Thanks to Gio's work, it was trivial to create the metapackage and have
a fully working firmware equivalent to the old AlterMesh.
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Dev a lists.libre-mesh.org

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