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Subject: Re: [lime-dev] lime-full: why not also
batman-adv-auto-gw-mode and lime-hwd-usbradio
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On Saturday 26 December 2015 13:34:12 Ilario Gelmetti wrote:
> Hi all!
> Why the module batman-adv-auto-gw-mode is not included in lime-full?
> Does it have a negative impact when all the remaining lime-full modules
> are active?

lime-full default configuration does use L2 + L3 + anygw in this setup batman-
adv-auto-gw-mode is not needed and may cause unexpected behavior

> I would like to understand this because I'm going to use a set-up with
> lime-full + lime-hwd-ground-routing + batman-adv-auto-gw-mode.

If you do L2 + L3 routing then that package will be probably fooled, if you
are doing L2 only i would not depend on lime-full

> And lime-hwd-usbradio? Isn't safe to include it in standard Libre-Mesh?

It is suggested to use and include it only if there is no other option, USB
radios does usually have broken drivers awful performance and strange
limitation like to associate to max 8 or 6 other stations -_- so better not
include it in default conf

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