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Subject: [lime-dev] Release 16.07 "Community Chaos" officially out
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Thanks to everyone involved, finally we have an official release!

 * generic binaries, meant for testing or setting up temporary networks
   (i.e. when having the default AP SSID = LibreMesh.org is fine)


 * customized binaries with chef, meant for stable community networks
   (basically, you can preset a specific AP SSID and other settings
   common to the whole network, and then flash many routers in a row)
   can be generated at:


Changelog since "BiggestBang" 15.09:

• Now based on OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1
• Removed "firewall" package (which is included by default in vanilla
OpenWrt/LEDE), since it's not really being used in LibreMesh setup. It
can always be installed on a case-by-case basis using opkg.
  ∘ there's a new minimal system that runs /etc/firewall.lime on boot
(if "firewall" is not installed)
• Removed "odhcpd" since we're not using it at the moment (we use dnsmasq)
• Removed "odhcp6c" since we're not using it at the moment (we still
haven't solved how to deal with native IPv6 coming over WAN, i.e.
propagate a delegated prefix over the mesh in a reasonable way)
• New default packages: "lime-hwd-openwrt-wan" and "lime-proto-wan".
This checks if there's a WAN port, and automatically configures as "wan"
proto (lime-proto-wan). The "wan" proto let's you assign in
/etc/config/lime, for example, 802.1ad VLANs over the WAN port.
• New default package: "lime-hwd-ground-routing". Allows you to
configure 802.1q VLANs on embedded switches, so that you can separate
specific ports and put
• New default package: "bmx6-auto-gw-mode", so that when a node detects
(with watchping) it can ping over WAN port, a bmx6 tunIn is
created on-the-fly, and Internet is shared to the rest of the clouds.
• Workaround for an spurious log message caused by BATMAN-Adv ("br-lan:
received packet on bat0 with own address as source address"): a "dummy0"
interface is created and added to bat0, with a slightly different MAC
  ∘ https://lists.open-mesh.org/pipermail/b.a.t.m.a.n/2014-March/011839.html
• New available packages: "lime-proto-bgp", allows to do BGP with bird
daemon; and "lime-proto-olsr", "-olsr2" and "-olsr6", which add support
for all versions of OLSR.
• Some new settings possible in /etc/config/lime-defaults
  ∘ wireless.htmode lets you preset the htmode for any wireless radio
(or htmode_2ghz and htmode_5ghz for specific bands)
  ∘ wireless.distance is the equivalent, for setting distance (and
distance_2ghz / _5ghz)
  ∘ system.domain for setting a cloud-wide domain name
• New "named AP" interface by default: in addition to the shared SSID
(where clients roam between nodes), there's a new AP with a different,
unique SSID (it includes the node hostname). This lets people easily
check with any stock smartphone (not only Android with a special app)
which nodes are online, nearby, and their respective signal strength.
Most importantly, it lets them connect to a specific AP and prevent
roaming, when they need it. Roaming is a nuisance if you're in the
middle of two nodes, with similar RSSI, but different performance
(bandwidth to Internet). Finally, it gives users a very easy way to
reliably access a specific (nearby) node webinterface, simply
associating to a specific AP and browsing to http://thisnode.info/
• Fixed all alfred facters (bat-hosts, dnsmasq-distributed-hosts,
dnsmasq-lease-share), so that they retry the "alfred -r" when it fails
(i.e. in slave mode)
• LiMe web interface received love:
  ∘ luci-app-lime-location (Simple Config -> Location) now works
  ∘ Simple Config -> Advanced

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