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Wireless Battle Mesh v11 + Wireless Community Weekend 2018

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Subject: [CNSIG-Council] Invitation - Mesh is in the air <3 in Berlin in May
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thanks for the warm welcome :)

I would like to start with an invitation to all of you: Meet with us at
our next community event: Mesh is in the air <3

The Wireless Battle Mesh v11 (#WBMv11) and the Wireless Community
Weekend 2018 (#FFWCW18) will be meshed up and co-located in Berlin from
May 07 to May 13, 2018. Since it is the 15th anniversary of the WCW,
friends and fellows from across the globe celebrate together wireless
mesh network technologies and ideas of community networking.

-> Please check here for more info and register yourself, if you will

And I would like to continue with a call for endorsement until April 7th
and sessions until 15th:

- If you like to endorse the event, please check our template and spread
the announcement through your channels:

- I would love to have one representative from each working group
onboard to tell the freifunk community first hand, what it is about and
how to contribute.
— Panos will be there and introduce "Social impact“
— so at least "Policy and regulation“ and „Technical“ is missing ;)
— Is anyone able to tell something about or start "Training, capacity
building and knowledge sharing"

- The schedule starts growing, please have a look:
Thursday or Saturday, would be great to offer the CNSIG Introduction,
and if you like, run a workshop, brainstorming or other session to
attract attendees to the WGs

-  It would be great, if you would introduce your community or project
or technical issue to our audience to connect with Freifunk and
Battlemesh Community.

- Also I am searching for one, who can tell the community about this net
commons work stream, since Jürgen will unfortunately not be available ..
who can help out?

!! We do provide travel funding, please check this page, send us a
mobile phone video (or short description, if this is easier) since the
application period is running out soon:

We would appreciate to welcome you in Berlin!
Best regards Monic
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