[Nodogsplash] Redirect when there is no Internet connection.

edwin edwin.voip at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 06:34:54 UTC 2015



I use the nodosplash in the openwrt, it works quite well. but there is an
annoying issue. The redirect doesn't work when there is no network


For example, if there is internet connection, I type http://www.apple.com/ .
it will direct to splash page first. 


But if there is no internet connection, the www.apple.com won't be parse and
the browser don't direct to the splash page. 

If I type some ip, for example, it will direct to the splash page in
this case. 


The reason should because the browser doesn't issue a 80 request because it
don't have the ip address? 


I wonder if it is possible to solve this in nodogsplash or has to configure
other applications in OpenWrt? 


Best Regards


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