[Nodogsplash] Listening nodogsplash in two interfaces.

Jack Freakazoid jfreakszoid at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 22:44:42 UTC 2018

Dear community

In advance just let me thank you for this magnificent product.

Im started using nodogsplash since few days ago and it's working pretty
well, however I have a new challenge and I would like to know if is
possible or not.

I have a Debian server with 4 network interfaces, two wan and two lan. The
lan networks have different segments that provide dhcp to different users.
Both networks are connected to two access points to provide internet
connection to some users. Using opendns I have a really nice content filter
with different settings according the network. The only problem that I have
is that with nodogsplash Im just able to provide a captive portal just for
one interface. It's possible to make it work for the two LAN's at the same

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.
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