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C'e' Juergen di Freifunk che vorrebbe fare un documentario sulle
community networks. Gli manderei il link a questa pagina:
ma forse mancano i link ai video su vimeo?


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Hello everyone,

for many years I have the idea to make a documentary film about all
the wireless community projects in the world.

I think that no other media but film can transport the fact that
people arround the globe in various regions have set up their own
community wireless networks, because the freedom and ability of
communication is a human need and whish everywhere.

And Wi-Fi has made it possible to come a little bit closer to that
vision, cause it enabled people to go for it themselves in a DIY way.
Even though the technology is more or less the same in all places, all
the local projects have their own social and technical set-ups. That's
what makes it so colorful and interesting, too.

Before we will find a person, who is a good film maker, willing to
travel the world and visit and interview all the various projects
arround the globe, we could start to collect all the exisitng
material. This could also make it a bit easier to apply for funding,
if someone would be willing to travel the world and make that film.

So could you please send me links to all existing video material of
your wireless community projects out there. Please also forward this
message to projects which might not yet be members of this list. If
you have tapes, and/or no digital version online yet, then I am sure
we could find a way to gather these films anyway.

Thank you very much in advance!


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